I Live To Help Train You

Fitness is my passion, it’s my life. When you think of me the first word that comes to mind is fitness, gym or athlete.

My name is Victoria Akpan, I’m 26 years old and I’m a certified personal trainer and NPC bikini competitor. I was born and raised in Wichita, KS and currently still reside here.

Fitness is my life

Throughout my childhood I knew sports and being an athlete would be my life. As crazy as it sounds I actually started lifting around 11-12 years old. I would go with my brother to the gym and just use all the resistance machines all the time. I enjoyed pushing myself and seeing how heavy I could lift. Lets flash forward a couple years to when I ran track and field as a sprinter from 7th grade to my sophomore year of high school. I stayed conditioned with playing on the volleyball team and weight class, and competed in 1 powerlifting meet.

Now I’m currently at Wichita State University as a senior finishing my degree in Business Management.

Gym rat

In college I continued to stay active and really maintain my weight while eating like any other college student. When I started being more consistent with training and notice I wasn’t making any changes in my body, I started cleaning up my diet and cut down on eating out. I decided to do my first show in 2016 where my new born fitness journey arrived.

How do I relate to u

I can relate to my clients because I know how it feel to be in plateau or dieting dealing with cravings. I know how gym intimidation can be like or how nervous it may seem to go in the weight room. I understand trusting the process. Being busy with school or full time worker and balancing staying fit . And most importantely I know what hard work and dedication rewards. My sports background has set a path for my bodybuilding journey. Sharing my journey has made me a great trainer and coach for my clients. I inspire to educate, motivate and deliver the desire results you want.  .

The feeling I get when I see my clients happy with results and smash goals we set is indescribable. My ultimate goal is for my client to be happy, confident and proud of the skin there in and to maintain this new healthy lifestyle. It’s not just about looks, it’s also about health.

I’m blessed and honored for whoever hires me to help them transform their body. My job is to make your goals happen. So lets do this!